DEATH NOT BETRAYAL by E. Gadsden, PhD, 12/15/18

“[What]…is worse than death is betrayal….

I could conceive [your] death…but…not

[your] betrayal. Malcolm X

Best friends are the siblings of only children. Often, like biological sibs, best friends aren’t chosen. …


Whether I’m correct or not, I’ve always defined caste as including the notion of color> It’s included in one of the word’s definitions. Many southern New Orleans folks were said to belong to a certain caste that was largely, though not exclusively. However, lighter was always better.

When I read the title of your article, Brian, I immediately thought we might be kindred spirits. I was 16 fore 16 years. You had the same job and lived pretty much the same life for a very long time, too. We share that, but the fact that these “clumps” of our lives occurred at different stages of our live renders our shared “clump” experiences so differently.

When, at 32 I realized I couldn’t get away with being 16 any longer, I ended up in the shrink’s office! Like you I imagine, I did wonder what my next steps would be. But I was asking that of my still young 32-year-old self. Having to do what you’re doing at your age, seems daunting to me. It’ll be interesting to learn of your adventures in your growing (maturing?) process.

Good luck.

I have one of those "black" names. I help folks pronounce it correctly either 1) by simply telling them it's pronounce like Eloise without the 's.' Or 2) I challenge them to look at it closely and read it aloud just as it looks. All of those double letters don't…

I'm confused. What does being a Muslim have to do with being white? Islam is a religion that says nothing about the color of one's skin.

I'm a tad confused here. What was it that you wanted to be a success at...being a success? Did you want to be a corporate CEO, a wealthy entrepreneur, a sterling all-star brain surgeon? How would you have known when you became a success? Was it by how much $ you earned? If there's not 'there' over there how will you know when you're there?

It's too bad you didn't know Disney's history. You didn't know you'd be looking for yourself in all the wrong faces.

At least Dr. Seuss' company got rid of his potentially racist stuff. Disney's though, still don't think anything is wrong with his productions.

I stopped looking for myself in films and videos a long time ago. Keep in mind, they didn't even want our money. Not caring if we saw their movies or not. Or had to sit in separate sections of movie houses to do it.

You'd be hard pressed, as you know, to find anything that whites have created to uplift us. It's always about them, and we're an afterthought, if any thought at all. We've done so well in the entertainment media because we're so good. Not because anyone was doing us any favors.

This topic isn't new. Malcom X constantly talked about how liberals weren't to be trusted. That they didn't have it in them to coalesce around black leadership. That is, if they couldn't be in charge of the civil rights movement, then they would take their marbles and go home. …

Ellarwee Gadsden

PhD, MSW, BA - retired

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